Green Day


DosReprise **

It’s a smart enough move for a mega-selling punk rock act: instead of repeating the concept notions of their two previous albums (American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown), Green Day have chosen a theme (the day of the party, in the midst of the party, the morning after the party) spread across three albums, a theme that can either be listened to in its trilogy-based entirety or as separate items.

That the band has switched from high concept to their earlier, more grounded notions of punch-drunk punk songs is good; that there’s little on Dos (or, indeed, on the first of the trilogy, Uno) that is in any way a variant on punk tunes influenced by The Beatles is all too inevitable. In other words, it’s pleasant. But sometimes you just yearn for a major band to do something that will make you either hate them or fall in love with them again. So – one down, two down. Already, we have concerns for No 3.

Download tracks:See You Tonight, Amy