Frightened Rabbit


Pedestrian Verse, Atlantic ****

Widely acknowledged hitherto as purveyors of verbose and emotionally charged songs, Frightened Rabbit are making some big changes. Their fourth album is their major label debut and marks the first time song- writer Scott Hutchison has involved his bandmates in the creative process. Both points have bearing on Pedestrian Verse. Hutchison’s superb skill with words remains, particularly on State Hospital, with lines such as “Her heart beats like a breezeblock thrown down the stairs”. Yet musically the band have gained a sense of confidence. December’s Traditions sounds like a rocked-up folk tune, while the groovy, soul-flecked The Oil Slick provides a memorable closer amid the bustling percussion, tender warbles and anthemic choruses. The result is their most well-rounded and accessible album.

Download:The Oil Slick, Dead Now