Cashmere Cat: 9 – Danish producer counts on Selena Gomez, Sophie and Kehlani

Thu, May 11, 2017, 09:18



Cashmere Cat

Mad Love/Interscope


What’s immediately striking about 9 is the fact that it exists at all. Given Danish producer Magnus August Høiberg’s prolific penchant for tracks, edits and remixes, the idea of a debut album is a little old-fashioned.

Yet here it is, a collection of what Høiberg can do when it comes to squaring the circle between pop, trap, house, indie, r’n’b and electronica with a little help from his friends. Høiberg works best when he has pop melodies to hand, such as on the thrilling wonkiness of the Sophie-aided Love Incredible or the manner in which Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez work things out on Trust Nobody.

There are some attempts to keep things on the weirder side of the tracks, such as the oddly effective Quit and the Kehlani-featuring Night Night, but Høiberg never quite gets to grips with how to make such experimental freak-outs work best in a mainstream setting.