Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar


Golden Horns Piranha****

Trumpeter and bandleader Boban Markovic is a living legend of Balkan brass. Born into the rich Roma musical tradition of Southern Serbia, Markovic has won the Golden Trumpet award in the famous Guca Brass Band Festival so many times that he was asked to stop competing. His son Marko joined the Orkestar at age 14 and is now the prime mover in its global expansion.

This compilation, by Balkan Beats DJ Robert Soko, emphasises the musical exuberance that can turn dancefloors into boisterous anarchy, but there are also subtleties of jazz inflection, complex arrangements and great virtuosity. From the expressive melancholy of Ederlezi to the bouncy funk of Od Srca and the celebratory swing of Jewish crowd-pleaser Hava Nagila, the pneumatic power of this well-drilled band can carry any tune with aplomb. See boban-and-marko-

Download trcaks:Khelipe e Cheasa, Sat, Od Srca