Bat for Lashes


The Haunted Man Parlophone***

Natasha Khan stands nude and carrying a naked man on the cover of her third album, a visual statement of rebirth. Yet while The Haunted Man is not as half-lit and intricate as 2006’s Fur and Gold, or 2009’s Two Suns, it swells with a more expansive sound, filtering furious percussion and heady vocals on Horses of the Sun, and buoyant synths and beats on Oh Yeah.

This expansiveness is present in Laura, with its elegant, piano melody inviting Khan’s voice to soar, as the male choir does on the title song, which is all marching drums and clattering brass. Marilyn is a Catherine wheel, flying and fizzing, sounding like something Junior Boys might have produced. So does A Wall and Rest Your Head, folding a dreamy, dramatic temperament into an interesting electronic landscape, radiating the message she sings of on Deep Sea Diver: “throw your head back . . . let your hair fall back”.

Download tracks:Oh Yeah, Winter Fields, Marilyn