Actress: Ghettoville

Fri, Jan 24, 2014, 00:00




Ninja Tune


You can’t avoid the creeping dread and menace on the fourth album from Darren Cunningham. After the sublime pitch and poise of Splazsh and R.I.P., the Wolverhampton producer has decided to linger on the dark side. Ghettoville sounds like hell on earth taking over the wee small hours, an album of heavyweight, sinister noises and grooves that clang and thump and go bump in the night. There are times when Cunningham does get to trace a route to the dancefloor – Skyline and Birdcage both unleash their inner boogie. Still, for the most part, this is about the likes of Contagious and Frontline soundtracking bad trips and bad buzzes. The album sounds ghostly and other-worldy, as if Cunningham and all his ideas had been sucked away into hyperspace. Where the one-time West Brom player heads from this full stop will be fascinating to see.
Download: Skyline