7 Days of Funk

Fri, Jan 10, 2014, 00:00


7 Days Of Funk

7 Days of Funk

Stones Throw


Starring Dam Funk and Snoop Dogg (or Snoopzilla, as he calls himself here after a spell as Snoop Lion), 7 Days of Funk is a low-slung odyssey into the delights of slow-motion, heavyweight bass-to the-max funk. Given the Dogg’s musical history and his past dalliance with these sounds, this is the record he was destined to make again at some stage of his career. Hooking up with funk outlier Damon Riddick on this occasion has lead to a loose-limbed, horizontal set of sounds, perfectly in tune with the rapper’s Bootsy Collins-like croon. Hit Da Pavement, High Wit’ Me and Ride are sticky, spacey and righteous tracks, full of electroboogie and Riddick’s intergalactic old-school synths. It bodes well for the next life of the Dogg, wherever the hell that might lead him. stonesthrow.com
Download: Hit Da Pavement, High Wit’ Me, Ride