Midnight Calls for Wistfulness

Fighting Words: A poem by Victoria Zylka, Mount Carmel Secondary School, Rotunda, Dublin

I watch the street from my little window 
The soft allure of a lavender sky 
Laden with stars cradling periwinkle 
That prosper as the world is drowned by the night

And the moon rises shyly, its light cool and gentle 
It brings with it a breeze that smells of the tide 
I am alone here, but it does not feel like it truly 
Aboard the weary hours of darkness blooming

So I confide in constellations 
Lulled by their warm consolation 
Listening to Corvus sing his song 
My one real friend is the raven
The rest are my imagination, all long gone

The Story Seeds project supports young people to write with the aim of enabling them to understand their own life story – their personal, circumstantial and emotional story and their place, be it geographical, social or imaginative.

The pieces included here are a small sample of the amazing creative work from the Story Seeds project.