A Long Time Coming

Extract from “A Long Time Coming” a play by Sarah Merriman, age 17, Santa Sabina Dominican College, Dublin 13. From the Fighting Words/Abbey Theatre series of plays.

Sarah Merriman

Sarah Merriman


Set in present day.
Small urban office comprising of a reception area separated from a study by a wall. A door leads from the reception to the study.

George , 48, publisher.
Lucas , 35, George’s receptionist and assistant.
William Shakespeare , 30, aspiring playwright.
Bram Stoker , 30, aspiring novelist.

Lucas: Hi there, can I help you?

William: Yes, I’m William Shakespeare. I have an appointment to see George Graves about my play.

Lucas: Oh, yes. Romeo & Juliet, right?

William: Yes, that’s right.

Lucas: I liked that one. Please, take a seat for a moment.

Shakespeare sits. Lucas walks to George’s office door and inches it open.

George: (Sits up and takes a breath) You’ll be okay, George. This has been a long time coming.

(Lucas knocks on the door)