In Pictures: The Troubles through the lens of a Japanese war photographer

Akihiko Okamura’s work during the conflict in the North from 1960s through to 1980s is on display to public in a new exhibition

A new exhibition charting a Japanese war photographer’s work in Northern Ireland during the Troubles is opening in Dublin .

Akihiko Okamura came to Ireland in the late 1960s to visit before moving here in 1969. He continually photographed the conflict in the North, generating a collection of work that has been largely unseen to date.

The Memories of Others exhibition, which opens on Thursday, consists of Okamura’s photographs, a documentary film and the first publication of his work in Ireland.

Okamura, who was a photographer during the Vietnam War and prisoner of the Vietcong for 53 days, captured a range of day-to-day snapshots of life in Ireland during the Troubles until his death in 1985.


The exhibition runs at Photo Museum Ireland in Temple Bar until July 6th.

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