Tech Tools: Pod Pro sorts your power problems. $79.95

Rechargeable battery for Apole Watch, iPhone in a compact case

Pod Pro keeps you powered up on the go

Pod Pro keeps you powered up on the go


Have an Apple Watch? like to travel? Don’t want to have to remember the dock? Then the Pod Pro could be an option for you.

The circular device not only charges the Apple Watch, but it will also juice up your iPhone. You drop your watch onto the centre of the pad, and plug your phone into the lightning connection.

It does the necessary through its integrated 6000mAh battery, allowing you to charge up the device and go, safe in the knowledge you have enough power to charge your phone and watch twice over.

The integrated lightning adapter for your phone tucks away into the case, as does the watch charger, leaving you with only the sleek Pod Pro to tuck into your bag.