Bugatti’s Noun is no ordinary toaster

Glass ‘toaster’ will cook everything from bread and vegetables to steak and pizza


When is a toaster not a toaster? When it’s a Bugatti Noun. Described by the company as “a heating machine”, it will not only brown your bread to perfection but also grill a variety of other objects for you, while you watch.

And we mean literally watch: it’s made of two pieces of ceramic heating glass so you can watch your food cook.

Fancy a steak? Pop it inside.

How about grilled vegetables? It’ll do that too. In fact, if it fits in the slot (and a heat resistant bag) you can try to cook it.

There’s even an app for it to control temperature. The downside: it will set you back more than €700, and is expected to sell for $1,000 in the US.