Foreign direct investment into Ireland up 4% last year

New figures show Ireland ranked 8th in Europe for FDI with 178 projects last year

Ireland recorded 178 FDI projects valued at a combined $5.5 billion (€ 4.86bn) last year

Ireland recorded 178 FDI projects valued at a combined $5.5 billion (€ 4.86bn) last year


Foreign direct investment into the Republic rose by 4 per cent in 2015, a year in which the number of FDI projects into Europe fell by nearly 9 per cent.

With 178 projects valued at a combined $5.5 billion (€ 4.86bn), Ireland was ranked 8th overall for FDI in Europe, according to a new report from fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times.

The UK topped the list for FDI into Europe in 2015 with 974 projects that were valued at $53 billion. This marks a 3 per cent rise on the previous year.

Turkey and Belgium were the countries to see the biggest gains in terms of new projects gained while Germany recorded a 54 per cent decline in FDI. Capital investment in Serbia meanwhile almost doubled to $4.4 billion, helping the company break into the top 10 destinations countries for FDI in Europe for the first time.

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Companies from the UK, Germany and France collectively accounted for more than half of FDI projects coming out of Europe, the study shows.

Despite Europe declining as a source of FDI projects, capital investment from the region increased 7 per cent last year to $258.5 billion.

Capital investment

Globally, capital investment increased nearly 9 per cent in 2015 to $713 billion, but project numbers declined 7 per cent to 11,930. The number of FDI-related jobs created grew 1 per cent to 1.89 million.

India replaced China as the highest ranked country worldwide for FDI investment last year, with $63 billion worth of project announced. The US was the highest ranked in terms of number of projects with 1517 recorded in 2015.

Asia-Pacific remains the leading destination for FDI with 3883 projects confirmed last year with a combined value of $320.5 billion. FDI into North America rose nearly 10 per cent with inward capital investment of $68.8 billion. However, project numbers fell 6 per cent.

FDI into Latin America declined by 13 per cent. The number of projects into Africa and the Middle East rose by 0.6 per cent.