Arks joins forces with top network


Arks advertising has changed its name to Euro RSCG following its amalgamation into the Euro RSCG network, which is ranked number one in Europe and number five in the world.

The global communications company has major technology clients, including Intel, Microsoft, Philips and Dell, and billings in excess of $7 billion (€7.1 billion).

Arks is one of Ireland's longest-established agencies, with billings of £21 million (€27 million) in 1999 - up from £6 million in 1996.

Supermarkets and suppliers, which are closely following the current wave of speculation about Wal-Mart's interest in Ireland, will be even further unnerved by Asda's new £14 million sterling (€22.8 million) price-cutting campaign, which started this week in Britain on a wide range of Procter & Gamble brands.

The Asda chain is now owned by the US supermarket giant and the "roll-back" of prices is a clear sign of the parent company's global buying power.

To underline further the close relationship between the supermarket and its supplier, Procter & Gamble is picking up an undisclosed portion of the cost of Asda's new advertising campaign, which supports the price cuts on Pampers and Daz brands.

Des O'Meara & Partners has devised a response-based recruitment campaign for Intel Ireland, which is currently trying to fill 500 jobs in its Leixlip, Co Kildare plant.

The £600,000 campaign is being run across all media, including Internet advertising on recruitment sites.

The advertisements feature a 24-hour telephone response number and Intel will be liasing with the agency on a daily basis regarding response rates from the different media. According to Mr Ciaran O'Reilly, account director at Des O'Meara's, this will give them the ability to change the media schedule, based directly on response.

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