Irish workers would turn down a job offer if remote working was not possible

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A survey by recruiter Stepstone found that almost half of the more than 1,700 Irish survey respondents said they would refuse a job offer if there were no remote working options.

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Irish workers are increasingly willing to turn down jobs offers that do not include option to work remotely or in a hybrid arrangement. Ian Curran reports on the findings from an Irish Jobs survey.

Four in 10 people in Ireland say they are “worn out by the amount of news there is these days”, with women and people aged 25-44 most likely to report news fatigue. But more people are willing to pay for their news and trust levels with mainstream news outlets has risen. Laura Slattery has the details of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s global digital news report.

In our personal finance Q&A, a reader wonders if it is worth investing in retrofitting their home as pensioners. Dominic Coyle offers a view. If you’d like to read more about the issues that affect your finances try signing up to On the Money, the weekly newsletter from our personal finance team, which will be issued every Friday to Irish Times subscribers.

In Me & My Money, Wendy Stunt, chief marketing officer of Future Horizons, recalls saving for her wedding in 2007. “We knuckled down for the year previous so we could have everyone we wanted there,” she tells Tony Clayton-Lea.


In her weekly column, Pilita Clark of the FT explains why tackling accent bias matters at work.

The Government has warned that our bulging corporation tax receipts could be at risk but there is every chance they could top €30 billion a year by the end of the decade, writes our economics correspondent Eoin Burke-Kennedy in his weekly column.

The number of women in boardrooms globally is in decline. Sue Duke, country manager in Ireland for social media platform LinkedIn, explains why AI could help close the gender gap in our opinion piece.

The high cost of rents pushes Dublin into top 50 most expensive cities for expatriate employees, according to a survey by Mercer. Ian Curran has the details.

Financial executives and board members in almost two-thirds of large Irish companies are either using or piloting artificial intelligence in financial reporting, according to a new survey carried out by KPMG. Joe Brennan has the details.

Aldi Ireland has expanded its partnership with Dawn Meats, signing a new five-year contract worth €125 million with the meat processor that will add six new lines of product to the German discounter’s range. Ian Curran reports.

Stock market concentration: Should a handful of Big Tech firms hold all the cards? Prionsias O’Mahony offers a view in his Stocktake column.

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