Dublin PR group launches new social media-focused agency

Social Content HQ staff will produce user-generated content for brands

Dublin-based Hunter Media Group has launched a social media-focused agency catering to a growing demand for online content.

The new Social Content HQ will work with a team of more than 70 creators to produce user-generated content (UGC) for brands to use on their social media profiles.

The Hunter Media Group already operates PR firm Hunter Communications and influencer talent agency The Collaborations Agency.

Founder Lynn Hunter said the new agency is the first of its kind in Ireland but there is a growing appetite among brands for content to populate their social media pages.


“Every brand needs content more than ever, and we’re happy to supply that to them. Not everybody has the time to create this content, but we’re going to create banks of assets for brands that they can push out through social media,” she said.

In the past, UGC was defined as content about a brand, produced and shared on social media by unpaid customers, such as reviews or tutorials about a product.

However, as this kind of content has led to products “going viral” and boosting sales, and appears more authentic than polished material produced by a brand, companies are now commissioning content creators to produce it.

Ms Hunter said brands are increasingly opting for UGC that they own and can use, rather than paying social media influencers to promote brands and products to their followers.

“We’ve definitely seen a huge uptake in UGC in the last 18 months through The Collaborations Agency, I would say at least 30 per cent [of companies] are going that way now. It’s still at its infancy stage but it’s definitely where the market’s going,” she said.

Social Content HQ has six full-time staff, and Ms Hunter says they aim to reach turnover of €500,000 within the first six months of business.

The starting point for social media content packages will be about €1,500 for smaller businesses, scaling up for bigger companies and campaigns. Ms Hunter said the agency is focused on the wider European and international market, as well as Irish businesses.

“No budget is too small or too large for us to be able to get a really good plan together for a brand, or a store or small business,” she said.

Ellen O'Regan

Ellen O’Regan

Ellen O’Regan is an Irish Times journalist.