Phone users not concerned about bills despite cost-of-living squeeze

Comreg survey suggests phone bills are down the list of concerns for consumers here

More than two thirds (70 per cent) of Irish consumers say they are not concerned about paying their phone bill or buying mobile phone credit “as they can afford it” despite the cost-of-living squeeze, according to a new survey by telecoms regulator Comreg.

The average monthly spend for bill pay customers was found to be €37.95, including the cost of their handset. This is a 10 per cent decrease compared to the average from a similar survey in 2019. Pre-pay customers were spending €20.43 on average per month.

The survey of 3,000 consumers here indicated that handset ownership is almost universal and of those with a handset 91 per cent own a smartphone.

In terms of coverage experience, 75 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with mobile coverage at their home. Amongst those citing a loss of signal, the incidence of outages lasting for a longer period of time is reduced, compared with prior years but there are still intermittent outages.


Just over a third of respondents said they had experienced loss of signal when using call or text functions in the last month, while 32 per cent have experienced loss of signal for data