IMF verdict on Ireland; women in tech; and is a recession coming?

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The IMF has said the Republic’s growth outlook remains positive, despite global headwinds from the war in Ukraine. Joe Brennan has more on this, and on the IMF’s recommendation that the State needs to do more on analysing the risk attached to its very large shadow banking sector.

Joe also covers the National Treasury Management Agency’s assessment that a €30 billion cash pile it has built up will help to cushion the State as market borrowing rates rise.

And still on the domestic economy, Eoin Burke-Kennedy takes an in-depth look at its current state, concluding that it is missing the usual signs of recession, despite a myriad of threats.

As higher ECB interest rates loom meanwhile, some of the bank’s policy-setters are known to be feeling more aggressive than others.


In his weekly column, John FitzGerald considers this year’s census, pointing out that it reveals so much more about the State than mere population numbers.

Olive Keogh talks to Gillian Moody, a senior tech executive who reckons there has never been a better time for women to work in her sector. There are many companies out there that foster a culture where women can thrive, she argues.

And still in our Work section, Emma Jacobs outlines what she sees as the problems with the “war on talent”, a phrase that makes her cringe. She says the fetishisation of stars omits the work of their organisation or team.

Andrew Hill considers fears among some financial executives that not enough current top financiers have experience of the kind of economic gloom that is approaching. He points out that, in fact, the entire workforce of the world has just endured a major stress test as a result of the pandemic.

And finally, this week’s Wild Goose is Niall Harbison, the entrepreneur who founded Simply Zesty and Lovin’ Dublin before leaving it all behind for life on the island of Koh Samui. The Tyrone native, who once saw his future as a chef, is now more focused on looking after Thailand’s street dogs.

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Una McCaffrey

Una McCaffrey

Una McCaffrey is an Assistant Business Editor at The Irish Times