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Christmas online present shopping: 19 of the best Irish websites for clothing and jewellery

Pricewatch: Get ahead with your Christmas shopping with our handy guide

Seeing as how Pricewatch is always banging on about the need to shop early and shop local, we thought we’d better publish our list of excellent Irish-based retailers doing the business online a couple of weeks earlier this year. So you’ve no excuse not to get yourself sorted well in advance of Christmas.

Check out the full list of 101 of the best Irish websites to buy gifts from this Christmas for more.


A really great Irish clothing business, based in Dublin, with a laser-sharp focus on the ethics of fashion.


Clothes made in an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, with 5 per cent of each sale donated to homeless charities around Ireland.

Another ethically-driven enterprise, with designs “bursting with rich colours and playful prints”. It adds: “We’re inspired by vintage and retro fashion to create unique clothing that flatters, fits and feels good.”

The Hannas of Donegal have been making high-quality hats for generations, and they are extremely good at it.

Still in Donegal, this site has clothes for men and women, soft furnishings and more. Much of it comes with a tweedy twist.

A Galway-based company selling the very best of socks with some brilliant designs. So good you won’t want to cover them with shoes.

More socks, coming in vibrant colours which are frequently seamless, literally.

The place for all your jumpery needs, as well as the odd pair of slippers, shirts, capes and more.

Another brilliant sock shop – or co-op – with fabulous footwear featuring fantastic Irish landmarks.

This might just be the only site to have featured on every pre-Christmas shopping list Pricewatch has ever written. With its funny and inventive T-shirts and the like, it deserves its place. It’s always adding new lines, and the “L’opportunité Enorme” T-shirt on sale now might be a handy number for the rugby fan in your life. We won’t explain what it means, as if you don’t know, you probably won’t care!

Homewares, clothes for men, women and kids, gifts, books and more, all coming from a little shop in Clifden, Co Galway.

Fun and functional clothes from Spiddal, Co Galway that might teach you a thing or two about the mother tongue.


The Chupi story continues to unfold, with the designer’s footprint getting bigger with each passing year.

Edgy jewellery, ethically made in Ireland with designs for men and women in solid gold and sterling silver.

This business, born in the Ox Mountains in Co Mayo, is very cool. If you are in the market for stunning jewellery, you’ll be glad you stopped by.

This designer, based in Oysterhaven, Co Cork, specialises in handmade silver and gold contemporary jewellery for men and women.

More gorgeously unique jewellery options, with the option to have pieces made to order.

In the market for handcrafted necklaces and other pieces made with ancient Irish script? You’ll be sorted here.

Jewellery designed in Dublin with sterling silver and thick gold-plating. It’s where you should go for all your stacking needs. Or at least, that is what the site tells us!