Tens of thousands join pro-Palestinian march in central London

March is latest in a series of similar weekend demonstrations in city since the war began

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched through central London on Saturday to call for a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the latest in a series of similar weekend demonstrations in the capital since the war began.

Saturday’s rally took place during a four-day truce between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, the first break in the fighting since October 7th, but protesters said that was not enough.

“We need full support for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza,” protester Kate Hudson (64), said at the rally as demonstrators carrying signs calling for an end to the violence walked peacefully along the march route towards the Houses of Parliament.

“It’s very welcome that there is a pause ... But this problem needs to be resolved and resolved so that the Palestinians finally have the political settlement that countless U.N. resolutions have enshrined,” said Ms Hudson, an anti-war activist.


Police, who were handing out leaflets to warn demonstrators against breaking the law, arrested a man on suspicion of inciting racial hatred near the start of the protest. They said on social media that he had been seen carrying a placard with Nazi symbols on it.

More than 120 protesters were arrested in London earlier this month, when skirmishes broke out between police and far-right groups who had gathered to protest against a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

A protest against antisemitism is also planned in London on Sunday and London's Metropolitan Police said more than 1,500 officers would be on duty over the weekend to handle the two protests.

The UK’s former interior minister Suella Braverman was fired by prime minister Rishi Sunak after an unauthorised article in which she had accused police of “double standards” at protests showing support for Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrations. - PA