Winter Olympics medal ceremony cancelled as Russian skater tests positive

According to sources the substance detected was not a performance enhancing drug

The Winter Olympics medal ceremony for the figure skating team event was cancelled due to a Russian skater testing positive for a substance that was not performance enhancing, multiple sources have told the Guardian.

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee cancelled the ceremony citing legal obstacles, which had to be settled with the International Skating Union.

The Inside the Games website then suggested it was related to an alleged positive doping result among the Russian skaters, who won gold, something the Guardian has confirmed, along with the additional detail that the substance is not a drug that would aid performance. There is also growing speculation that the ongoing legal wrangle is over whether the substance was taken in or out of competition.

Four Russian skaters did not attend their planned training session on Wednesday. It was not clear why they had not trained.


The story was first revealed at the IOC press conference on Wednesday. IOC spokesperson Mark Adams explained: “A situation arose at short notice that requires legal consultation,” without providing any details on the nature of the ongoing consultation.

“You can bet your bottom dollar we are doing everything that this situation can be resolved as soon as possible. I cannot give you any more details but we will do our level utmost.” He said the ceremony would take place as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the legendary Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova has denied that any of the Russian Olympic Committee skaters would dope. "This cannot be true," Tarasova said in response to a question regarding doping allegations. "We can be pointed fingers at, but we are all clean."

The International Skating Union did not respond to a request for a comment on the matter. There was no immediate comment from the Russian Olympic Committee. - Guardian