Ireland in fourth place at European show jumping championships

There are two Irish riders in top 10 individually following first round in Gothenburg

Ireland is lying in fourth place following Wednesday’s first round 1.50m speed class at the European show jumping championships in Gothenburg with two riders in the top 10 individually.

In a process which sees times converted to points, Ireland is on a score of 8.11 as Switzerland tops the leaderboard on 5.15 followed by France (6.78) and Sweden (7.21). The reigning champions, The Netherlands, are lying 12 (14.53) of the 17 nations competing and will have to improve their performance in Thursday afternoon’s second round if they are to progress to the final stage of the competition on Friday night.

Wednesday's class was won by the host nation's Peter Fredricson on H&M All In in a time of 75.70 seconds with Co Cork native Shane Sweetnam going clear in 79.89 to finish eighth with his own and Spy Coast Farm's 11-year-old Chacco stallion Chaqui Z. Cian O'Connor was well up on time with Adena Springs and Ronnoco Jump's similarly-aged Cantura stallion Good Luck but the Meath-based rider picked up a four second penalty when lowering a rail and is lying 10th.

Tipperary's Denis Lynch also had a fence down with Thomas Straumann's 14-year-old Argentinus stallion All Star 5 and is in 22nd place. Wexford's Bertram Allen, who was first of the team to jump, provided the discard score on day one as, on board Hector van d'Abdijhoeve, he was 55th of the 80 starters.


The European para dressage championships are also taking place in Gothenburg and, from a five-day journey from Co Wicklow, Ireland’s Grade III rider Kate Kerr-Horan qualified for Wednesday’s freestyle competition with the 17-year-old Orlando mare Arlande. They finished last at this final stage of the competition but, unlike many others, missed out on a second appearance in the arena on Wednesday when the classes were confined to team members.



Millstreet, Co Cork

CIC1* (after first day’s dressage) - 1, Ireland’s V Zermie 51 (Charlotte Dixon) 40.10 penalties; 2, Ireland’s Matisse (Michael Ryan) 48; 3, Ireland’s Danceing Fox (Patrick Whelan) 51; 4, Ireland’s Stellor Kings Cruise (Caoimhe Eivers) 54.40; 5, Britain’s Lamborghini (Adam Trew) 55; 6, Ireland’s Dear Cinderella (Sarah Ponsonby) 55.20; 13 starters.

CICYH1* (after first day’s dressage) - 1, Ireland’s Lexington (Camilla Speirs) 40.80; 2, Ireland’s Mimicry (Dominic Furnell) 45.20; 3, Ireland’s TR Kaygraff (Michael Ryan) 47.20; 4, New Zealand’s I Spye (Jesse Campbell) 47.30; 5, Britain’s Cowling High Roller (Gregor Knox) 50.60; 6, Ireland’s Anchorman (Maria Byrne) 50.70; 11 starters.

Para dressage

Gothenburg, Sweden

European championships, freestyle, Grade III - 1, Britain’s Abira (Suzanna Hext) 76.406%; 2, Germany’s Feel Good (Steffen Zeibig) 76.173; 3, Denmark’s Bruunholms Caribian (Tobias Thorning Joergensen) 76.126; 4, Britain’s Dior (Erin Frances Orford) 73.060; 5, Sweden’s Tarot E (Felicia Grimmenhag) 72.406; 8, Ireland’s Arlande (Kate Kerr-Horan) 68.640; 8 starters.

Show jumping

Gothenburg, Sweden

European championships, after first qualifying competition 1.50m speed, teams - 1, Switzerland 5.15; 2, France 6.78; 3, Sweden 7.21; 4, Ireland (Hector van d’Abdijhoeve (Bertram Allen) 9.19 - discard score, Good Luck (Cian O’Connor) 2.25, All Star 5 (Denis Lynch) 3.76 and Chaqui Z (Shane Sweetnam) 2.1) 8.11; 5, Spain 8.85; 6, Austria 10.90; 17 nations started.

Individuals - 1, Sweden’s H&M All In (Peder Fredricson) 0; 2, Germany’s Pret A Tout (Marcus Ehning) 0.59; 3, Portugal’s Fit For Fun (Luciana Diniz) 0.67; 4, Switzerland’s Bianca (Steve Guerdat) 0.84; 5, France’s Reveur de Hurtebise (Kevin Staut) 0.91; 6, Spain’s G&C Arrayan (Sergio Alvarez Moya) 1.86; 8, Ireland’s Chaqui Z (Shane Sweetnam) 2.10; 10, Ireland’s Good Luck (Cian O’Connor) 2.25; 22, Ireland’s All Star 5 (Denis Lynch) 3.76; 55, Ireland’s Hector van d’Abdijhoeve (Bertram Allen) 7.85; 80 competed.