Museum giving a future to our past, says McDonagh


What he described as "giving a future to our past" was launched at Croke Park yesterday by the president of the Gaelic Athletic Association, Joe McDonagh, in the presence of many former great hurlers and footballers and the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern.

The GAA's Museum at Croke Park, which reflects the history of the Gaelic Athletic Association, was opened to the public yesterday.

Launching the Museum, which has cost £3.5 million and which is on two levels, contains an audio-visual theatre, memorabilia and artefacts representing the history of the games.

A feature of the museum will be the historical data bank and touch-screen technology which gives an insight into the past and which will bring to light the historic moments, the great games and names of the GAA.

The entire operation, which is incorporated in the new stand in Croke Park, was described yesterday by McDonagh, as "a future for our past".

The Taoiseach said that the incorporation of the museum as part of the redevelopment of the headquarters in Croke Park was a concrete expression of the historic commitment of the GAA to Ireland's overall cultural heritage.

McDonagh said that the plan to complete the development of the Stadium would be in a large way a commitment by the GAA to the celebration of the new millennium.