IRFU not to act on video


THE IRFU have followed a predictable course in their decision not to take action against any Irish player after looking at the video of the Ireland-France match last Saturday week.

The video had been sent to the IRFU by the French Rugby Federation (FFR) after officials from both unions had looked at a video of an incident in the match when French prop Franck Tournaire was seen to stamp on Ireland replacement hooker Allen Clarke.

It was left to the FFR to take disciplinary action against Tournaire; they decided on a one-match ban.

After watching that video the IRFU decided no disciplinary action was warranted against any Irish player, and issued the following statement yesterday:

"The video of the Ireland v France international has been studied carefully by relevant personnel within the IRFU, including refereeing experts. In the view of the union, there were no offences committed which would warrant further disciplinary action other than that taken by the referee."