Incidents 'regretted'


In light of the incidents during their AIB League game with St Mary's at Rosbrien last Saturday, Old Crescent have issued a statement expressing that the club "very much regrets the incidents".

However, after claiming that they have "fully investigated the incidents" the club then asserts that "some of the newspaper reports were both inaccurate and biased and in certain specific matters actually untrue."

The statement declines to say how the incidents were investigated, whether they have a video of the game and whether that video will be made available to the IRFU or beyond, or which reports lacked veracity. "We will report the results of our investigation to the IRFU and the club will issue no further statement until after that report has been considered in full."

The statement adds that the club has a record in the AIL "of which it can be justifiably proud." They point out that since entering the AIL in the 1992-93 season, "we have never had any player ordered off in that competition. Our players received only two yellow cards in total this season, prior to last Saturday. This record compares very favourably with that of any other club in the league."