LIVE: All-Ireland quarter-finals - Galway (after penalty shootout) and Kerry reach final four

Look back on Galway’s penalty shootout win over Armagh after a dramatic finale, and Kerry’s victory over Mayo . . .

So that’s that . . . Kerry will face Dublin in one All-Ireland football semi-final on Sunday July 10th (3.30pm), while Galway and Derry will meet a day earlier, with throw in at 5.30pm.

That Galway v Armagh game had it all, ending in a penalty shootout to give the Connacht champions a deserved victory. When Galway head to Croke Park for the latter stages of the championship they become a very different team and we started to see that in the second half today. Their clear weaknesses were also on display though! Kerry meanwhile had too much for a misfiring Mayo side. David Clifford’s fitness will be their main concern heading into a huge battle against the Dubs.

Scroll down to follow the action as it happened. The match reports from Croke Park are incoming on the homepage so keep an eye out for them. For now though, thanks for joining us.



FT AET Galway 2-21 Armagh 3-18 (Galway win 4-1 on penalties)

FT Kerry 1-18 Mayo 0-13


FT Kerry 1-18 Mayo 0-13 - Kerry will take on Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final! Mayo delivered the heart and the battling performance we expected, but their struggling attack held them back from any heroics. Just 41 per cent conversion rate says it all. Easy in the end for the Kingdom.

Man of the match, Tom O’Sullivan: “Just really looking forward to the semi-final in two weeks’ time. The message at half time was to keep chipping away at the points.”


Kerry 1-18 Mayo 0-13 (70′) Sean O’Shea taps over a free as four minutes of added time are announced.


Kerry 1-17 Mayo 0-13 (68′) Jordan Flynn’s second point cuts the deficit to seven points. Kerry are so comfortable they’ve taken Clifford off.


Kerry 1-17 Mayo 0-12 (67′) A strong run by Kerry sub Joe O’Connor sets up Sean O’Shea’s latest point as Mayo kick their 11th wide. They are missing Ryan O’Donoghue and Tommy Conroy granted, but really need to introduce some more players with a bit more footballing intelligence in attack. Just one or two won’t kill their primary gameplan. As their decision making up there is killing them.


Kerry 1-15 Mayo 0-12 (62′) Mayo kick their 10th wide via Cillian O’Connor, they look out of ideas in attack as they did against Galway. They’re still tackling hard but they need something to happen for them soon... and Paul Geaney’s latest classy point is not that.


Kerry 1-14 Mayo 0-12 (58′) Spillane gets his point and Kerry go five points up approaching the final 10 minutes.


Kerry 1-13 Mayo 0-12 (56′) Eoghan McLaughlin puts in a massive tackle on Sean O’Shea but the Kerry attacker again does not panic, and he gathers the loose ball himself, feeds substitute Killian Spillane and he kicks a point. But Hawk-Eye rules it out. Kerry then create an overlap down the right wing via a beautiful dummy by O’Shea, it’s popped across to Tom O’Sullivan and he blazes over a really good goal chance for his third point from corner back (marking Cillian O’Connor). Then Geaney claims a mark and converts it.


Kerry 1-11 Mayo 0-12 (51′) David Moran is picked out by David Clifford who fumbles the ball but never panics, turns and spots the big midfielder who powers through to kick his second point.


Kerry 1-10 Mayo 0-12 (49′) James Carr scores a really good point to close the gap back to a single point after Diarmuid O’Connor won the long Mayo kickout.


Kerry 1-10 Mayo 0-11 (48′) Patrick Durcan’s shot comes down off the post. Flynn kicks wide and Ruane then misses from close in. Mayo’s poor shooting making life difficult for them, once again. Clifford then claims a mark out by the sideline and he swings it over. That’s the difference.


Kerry 1-9 Mayo 0-11 (44′) A point from Kerry’s other corner back this time, Graham O’Sullivan. Matthew Ruane then kicks a really good point over his shoulder under savage pressure, after missing from close range minutes earlier.


Kerry 1-8 Mayo 0-10 (41′) Cillian O’Connor shows Tom O’Sullivan the sideline but he takes it and skins the attacker on the outside to fist over. His second point from corner back on Mayo’s main man. Jordan Flynn responds with an excellent point for Mayo.


Still no score after five second half minutes. Mayo are restored to 15 players as Aidan O’Shea returns.


Kerry 1-7 Mayo 0-9 (36′) Mayo win the throw in to get the second half underway! James Carr has replaced Carney at the interval.


HT Kerry 1-7 Mayo 0-9 - Mayo can be happy with how they’ve competed. The two teams have been quite evenly matched. They’ve recovered well to conceding a goal, and losing a man (they’ll have Aidan O’Shea back after about two minutes in the second half). Both teams have missed a good goal chance apiece and there’s just a point between them. It feels like this contest is going to explode into life at some stage. Mayo will fancy themselves in that scenario, they just need to still be in touch at that point!

David Clifford is limping around but remarkably still has 1-2 scored - how long more can he keep playing through the pain barrier though? Especially when the pace increases, as the weather improves which it has been. The second half looks set to be very interesting!

71,353 in Croke Park this afternoon for the two games!


Kerry 1-7 Mayo 0-9 (37′) David Moran loses his man with a bounce dummy and then kicks a good point. Kevin McLoughlin then buries a goal chance over the bar from point blank range.


Kerry 1-6 Mayo 0-8 (33′) Cillian O’Connor from a tight left footers’ angle kicks an important free to close the gap to a point. Mayo have responded well to the concession of the goal and losing a man to the sin bin. Showing their experience. Three minutes to be added at the end of the first half.


Kerry 1-6 Mayo 0-7 (28′) Stephen Coen drives forward and kicks an excellent score from distance. Then Kerry score the first GOAL of the match. Clifford plays a one-two with Stephen O’Brien who does excellently to draw in a few men before returning the pass. Clifford picks his spot in the near post.

Then Mayo lose Aidan O’Shea to a black card for 10 minutes. For what must’ve been an off the ball incident.


Kerry 0-6 Mayo 0-6 (26′) Mayo come on the counter, Jordan Flynn picks out Carney with a very good pass and he shoots over his shoulder, and it curls over nicely. Level again.


Kerry 0-6 Mayo 0-5 (23′) Rob Hennelly nails a free from 40m to make it a level game. The free had been brought in as Brian O Beaglaoich didn’t immediately return the ball. Kerry respond back via Paul Geaney - who chips it up on the run, steps outside and in one flowing movement kicks a beautiful point.


Kerry 0-5 Mayo 0-4 (21′) Sean O’Shea sidesteps his way into space and kicks a good score. Cillian O’Connor then collects a good kick pass (Mayo are kicking it in a lot more than usual so far) and shoots first time from the right corner. Hawk-Eye then denies Dara Moynihan a score that had been given by the officials.


Kerry 0-4 Mayo 0-3 (17′) Kerry are without Jack Barry and Adrian Spillane, giving David Moran the start this afternoon. He steps inside two men, and wins a free. Clifford slots it over.


Kerry 0-3 Mayo 0-3 (15′) Tom O’Sullivan has been bombing forward early on, and from the left corner he scores a fantastic point.


Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-3 (11′) Jack Carney kicks a mark badly wide. Then Paul Geaney is found with a wonderful pass over the top and one on one with the goalkeeper he shoots wide. Clifford is limping about here after coming down awkwardly from a high ball. This sort of sloppy weather and contest will suit Mayo and their warrior nature you’d imagine.


Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-3 (9′) Aidan O’Shea kicks a point - outside of the left - from the 45. A beauty and a well needed confidence booster for the Breaffy man.


Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-2 (8′) Cillian O’Connor is out in front of Tom O’Sullivan and wins a free for a push in his back. Unusually however he kicks the free wide.


Kerry 0-2 Mayo 0-2 (4′) Conor Loftus points from the right wing. The rain is lashing down here, with players slipping and making mistakes in possession all over the field.


Kerry 0-1 Mayo 0-1 (1′) Kerry win the throw-in but Mayo open the scoring via a Cillian O’Connor free. David Clifford responds with a free of his own. Oisin Mullin is picking Clifford up and Lee Keegan is on his brother Paudie.


One late change on the Mayo team. Kevin McLoughlin replaces James Carr. Kerry are unchanged. David Clifford starts despite speculation about his fitness.


It is of course up front that the danger lies and not just Clifford but also Paul Geaney who scored well in the league final. Mayo can make it difficult but how can they win?

Verdict: Kerry

Check out Sean Moran’s preview in full here


Our attention turns now to Mayo v Kerry

Teams as per programme

MAYO: Rob Hennelly; Lee Keegan, Oisin Mullin, Enda Hession; Paddy Durcan, Stephen Coen, Eoghan McLaughlin; Aidan O’Shea, Matthew Ruane; Jordan Flynn, Diarmuid O’Connor, Conor Loftus; James Carr, Jack Carney, Cillian O’Connor.

KERRY: Shane Ryan, Graham O’Sullivan, Jason Foley, Tom O’Sullivan; Brian O Beaglaoich, Tadhg Morley, Gavin White; David Moran, Diarmuid O’Connor; Dara Moynihan, Sean O’Shea, Stephen O’Brien; Paudie Clifford, David Clifford, Paul Geaney.


We said before the game the winner here would’ve finally delivered on the big day and proved themselves All-Ireland contenders. Galway have done that. McDaid, Tierney, Finnerty - all outstanding. Comer, Walsh especially from frees, and Conroy all stood up. Galway showed huge character, and they looked in the second half of normal time like a team who had finally arrived. But that last line of defence which cost them three goals will have to improve moving forward!!

Man of the match, McDaid: “My best day in a maroon shirt so far! We practiced penalties in challenge matches, so we were relaxed.”


Tierney rolls his penalty into the left corner. Galway win the shootout 4-1. They progress to the All-Ireland semi-final against Derry and deservedly so. Three scrappy goals aside, they were the better team by a distance after a thrilling contest!!


Rafferty gets a hand on Rob Finnerty’s peno but can’t stop it. Conor Turbitt then hits the post! 3-1 Galway


Rian O’Neill rolls it in the same corner. 2-1 to Galway.


Damien Comer is next. A big run up and he rolls it in the bottom right corner. Galway 2-0.


Stefan Campbell then for Armagh blasts it way over! Galway 1-0 after the first two.


Shane Walsh is up first and he nails it. Bottom right. No stopping that!


We will have penalties!! It’s a draw at the end of extra-time!

FT AET Galway 2-21 Armagh 3-18

Each team nominates five penalty takers. If they all score or it’s level after all five have kicked, then they can change the order but not the kickers in sudden death. Remember Ethan Rafferty in the Armagh goal is not a regular goalkeeper while Connor Gleeson has a soccer background!


ET Galway 2-21 Armagh 3-18 (20′) Two minutes added on. McDaid who has been supreme points from the right wing. Level game!! Conroy then grabs the kickout but Armagh have it now in their defence.


ET Galway 2-20 Armagh 3-18 (19′) Goalkeeper Rafferty goes on a solo run, pops a pass to Jemar Hall as he slips, and the latter kicks Armagh into the lead!!


ET Galway 2-20 Armagh 3-17 (18′) A poor wide from Finnerty at the end of a long spell of Galway possession.


ET Galway 2-20 Armagh 3-17 (14′) Cillian McDaid buries a goal. He joins the attack to receive a handpass at full tilt coming into the square and he blasts it in! Armagh get a point back immediately! Level game.


ET Galway 1-20 Armagh 3-16 (12′) - Galway via Tierney wins the throw in. Their first attack ends in a Walsh shot that goes just wide. Armagh then lash another ball into the square, it’s allowed to hop and then Grugan fists it in for a goal. A third goal to concede like that must be sickening for Galway! They trail by two.


ET HT Galway 1-18 Armagh 2-16 Rian O’Neill curls over a free from about 40m to cut the deficit to one point at half-time in extra-time.


ET Galway 1-20 Armagh 2-15 (10′) One minute added on. Walsh slows down, injects the pace again and wins a free. He converts it himself, making it look easy.


ET Galway 1-19 Armagh 2-15 (8′) Galway go one point up again. Finnerty cuts across from right to left and floats it over. He’s had a brilliant game.


ET Galway 1-18 Armagh 2-15 (5′) Both teams looking tired. We’ve had a bit of rain so the ball is that bit more greasy. Justin Kieran points from a tight angle for Armagh.


ET Galway 1-18 Armagh 2-14 (1′) Sean Kelly and Aidan Nugent have both been red carded at the start of extra-time. Galway win the throw in and Conroy then joins the attack and wins a free which Walsh clips over.


That finale displayed the best and worst of Gaelic football. Rian O’Neill’s monster free with the last kick to bring extra-time. And then the subsequent brawl!

Galway came of age in that second half - showing all of the skills and confident positive play the county are renowned for - but their lack of a dominant presence in goal has come back to haunt them. Gleeson has done very well overall but for both goals he had to do better. We are awaiting the referee’s disciplinary decisions and Padraic Joyce is on the field and absolutely furious at him.

Galway v Kerry will now throw in at 4.45pm.


With time up Rian O’Neill has a free from over 50m out down by the left sideline. He’s going for it!

And he’s scored it. WOW!!! Extra time to come!!

Really nasty scenes here in Croke Park as the teams take to the dressing rooms. A full out brawl with the backroom teams involved too. An eye gauge spotted by what looked like an Armagh extended panel member really kicked it off. Shameless.


Shane Walsh’s crossfield ball goes straight to an Armagh man. They’ve time for one more attack . . .


Galway 1-17 Armagh 2-13 (74′) Damien Comer takes on his man and curls over a point that Galway needed after that goal. All of their leaders are standing up. But then another long ball is won by O’Neill, he handpasses it across the goal. Connor Gleeson wins it but handpasses it loosely to Turbitt who buries it first time. One point game!!!


Galway 1-16 Armagh 1-13 (71′) Kieran Molloy ends a long spell of Galway possession by stepping inside his man and kicking it over off the outside of his boot. As eight minutes of added time are announced a dropped shot is only fisted as far as Nugent in the square and he flicks it in for an Armagh GOAL!!


Galway 1-15 Armagh 0-13 (68′) Paul Conroy floats over an inspirational point from down near the right sideline! He then catches the next kickout, cometh the hour!


Galway 1-14 Armagh 0-13 (65′) Cillian McDaid is pulled down and Walsh kicks over the free. Galway win the subsequent kickout and Comer is found inside, he goes for goal and it’s saved but it still ends up over the bar. Galway lead by four with a man advantage. They have to win it from here.


Galway 1-12 Armagh 0-13 (59′) Brilliant work by Rian O’Neill to turn Dylan McHugh over. Campbell pops it to Grugan who pops it to Conor Turbitt and the Armagh sub fists it over.

Galway have lost Tierney to a blood sub after Greg McCabe’s shoulder caught him in the head . . . and he’s just been shown a straight red card which could be huge (62 mins gone)!!!


Galway 1-12 Armagh 0-12 (57′) O’Neill taps over a free after a stoppage in play for an injury to Shane Walsh who is good to continue. Grugan then misses a scoreable free after Rafferty had joined the attack and done very well.


Galway 1-12 Armagh 0-11 (50′) Finnian Ó Laoí comes on for Galway and with his first involvement he shakes off a tackle and points. The Galway forwards are all breaking the tackle and playing with a lot of aggression.


Galway 1-11 Armagh 0-11 (46′) Galway’s forwards are really standing up. Finnerty steps inside the tackler and kicks one off his right. He’s been excellent. Then Patrick Kelly powers through the Armagh defence and his shot at goal blazes over the bar. Campbell responds with another beauty, he’s a real confidence player and is full of it right now!


Galway 1-9 Armagh 0-10 (44′) Armagh respond with a pointed mark via Nugent and then a very good point from Campbell. End to end stuff there!


Galway 1-9 Armagh 0-8 (40′) Finnerty again finds himself in space in the right corner and he curls it over with his left. Backs would usually force forwards out into that zone but surely at this point they are aware of how left footed he is. And how accurate that left is! Armagh respond immediately via Conor O’Neill who fists over.

Then Tierney steps inside his man and powers towards the goal, his shot smashes off the crossbar. Galway gather it and work it back to Tierney who handpasses it to Johnny Heaney for a flick into an empty net. GOAL! Shane Walsh follows it up with a beauty of a point. Tierney providing the sort of power play that made him stand out so much for the Galway Under-21s in 2020!


Galway 0-7 Armagh 0-7 (36′) Tierney wins the throw in and flicks it to the Galway half forward line where Comer wins a free. The second half is underway.


Half-time highlights . . .


HT Galway 0-7 Armagh 0-7 - Galway will be the happier. Armagh have been well on top around the middle, they’ve contained the Galway forward line and their kick-passing game has looked fluid and threatening - albeit they’ve not been ruthless in the scoring zone. Yet it’s still a level game and you feel like Galway are growing into the occasion. Rafferty has been excellent in the Armagh goal under the long ball, and he’s joined the attack throughout, but the regular outfield player’s risk taking might be exposed if he loses concentration. A big second half to come.


Galway 0-7 Armagh 0-7 (35′) One minute of added time announced as Rafferty does brilliantly to catch a long ball into Comer.


Galway 0-7 Armagh 0-7 (33′) A superb pass by O’Neill who was lining up a point from distance before picking out Nugent inside. His shot is blocked (strong shout for a foot block). Galway counter, Tierney again scores a brilliant point. Level game and that felt like a big moment.


Galway 0-6 Armagh 0-7 (31′) A mix of a silly tackle from James Morgan and a very good dive from McHugh as the ball was running out of play - gives Walsh another free to curl over left footed this time.


Galway 0-5 Armagh 0-7 (29′) A beauty of a diagonal ball from Dylan McHugh is kicked into Comer. Rafferty comes out and nearly kills his own man, Comer gets a clean fist on it but it’s inches wide of the goal.


Galway 0-5 Armagh 0-7 (26′) John Daly injects intent into the Galway attack, he’s so important to them. He picks out Shane Walsh who is dragged down. He receives some treatment. Gets up, kicks it over.


Galway 0-4 Armagh 0-7 (24′) Grugan kicks two frees in a row, the first a very soft one. The second for a trip.


Galway 0-4 Armagh 0-5 (20′) Another laboured Galway attack but individual brilliance saves them - Rob Finnerty curls it over from the right corner. Then a long ball into O’Neill is won, he holds off two tackles and feeds Jarlath Og Burns who fists over when a goal was on. Cillian McDaid responds with a point on the overlap for Galway, much better from the Connacht champions.


Galway 0-2 Armagh 0-4 (16′) Galway get their first score in 13 minutes via Matthew Tierney. A well struck effort entering the D. Galway looking very laboured, with much less movement and risk in their attack than Armagh’s early on.


Galway 0-1 Armagh 0-4 (13′) Another good early kick pass to the edge of the D, Nugent collects it and shoots on instinct. Over the bar.


Galway 0-1 Armagh 0-3 (10′) It’s a joy to watch Armagh’s kicking game. Goalkeeper Ethan Rafferty is getting involved in the play and has also done excellently to clear two dangerous long balls into the Galway full forward line. O’Neill then picks out Rory Grugan who’s given time to float it over from 35m.


Galway 0-1 Armagh 0-2 (7′) Armagh win the breaks under Galway’s long kickout. They go direct to Nugent who pops it to O’Neill who clips it over the bar. Armagh’s next attack sees Stefan Campbell cut inside Sean Kelly and curl over a beauty from the left corner, right-footed.


Galway 0-1 Armagh 0-0 (5′) Damien Comer wins an excellent long kick out. He’s fouled but takes it quickly. Patrick Kelly and Rob Finnerty combine and it’s back to Comer who kicks it over on the run off his left. Rian O’Neill then kicks his team’s second wide.


Galway 0-0 Armagh 0-0 (3′) Armagh have 14 behind the ball and Galway kept it for over two minutes around the middle before being pulled up for overcarrying. Armagh’s first attack ends with an Aidan Nugent wide.


Galway 0-0 Armagh 0-0 (1′) Rian O’Neill grabs the throw in but the referee awards a free for Galway. Armagh play with the slight wind advantage in the opening half. GAME ON!


There’s been talk of the match being delayed with fans still coming into Croke Park, but as things stand, just a slight delay as the teams are in their huddles.


One late change to the Armagh team - Andrew Murnin comes in for Jemar Hall. His height will present more problems for Galway’s questionable defence. Galway are unchanged.


Both teams will allow each other to play at times but they’ll also be well set up so it will be physical and there will be contact. There are also forwards who are good enough to get the better of their direct marker. I expect a tight, skilful game that could go down to the wire.

My marginal preference for Armagh is based simply on the harder road they have travelled.

Jim McGuinness is also predicting an Armagh win - check out his column here


A look here at Darragh’s ranking of the final eight teams in the 2022 football championship . . .


The instinct here is Armagh, simply because they have had more rigorous stress testing as well as the ultimate diagnostic of getting beaten earlier in the season.

Their response has been really strong and they have already given a very good display in Croke Park back when getting Dublin’s year off to a grim start on the league’s opening weekend.

Verdict: Armagh

Check out Sean Moran’s preview in full here


Teams as per programme . . .

ARMAGH: Ethan Rafferty; James Morgan, Aidan Forker, Conor O’Neill; Aaron McKay, Greg McCabe, Jarly Og Burns; Stephen Sheridan, Ben Crealey; Rory Grugan, Stefan Campbell, Jemar Hall; Aidan Nugent, Rian O’Neill, Jason Duffy.

GALWAY: Connor Gleeson; Liam Silke, Seán Kelly, Jack Glynn; Dylan McHugh, John Daly, Kieran Molloy; Paul Conroy, Cillian McDaid; Patrick Kelly, Matthew Tierney, Johnny Heaney; Rob Finnerty, Damien Comer, Shane Walsh.


Hello and Welcome . . . By this evening we’ll know this year’s All-Ireland semi-final line-up, who will face Derry and who will face Dublin after their impressive wins on Saturday... First up Galway and Armagh clash at 1.45pm, with Ulster champions Derry awaiting the winner on the easier side of the draw. What an opportunity for all three! Then Mayo v Kerry throws in at 4pm with Dublin standing by in the last four.

Galway and Armagh are both packed with high quality players, but neither have been consistent, balanced or shown enough on the big day in recent years to call themselves All-Ireland contenders. That’ll change for one of them today. Then it’s a repeat of the league final where Mayo are still without several key forwards and out of form, but you can never write them off!

Keep in touch via Twitter (@DonoghueEamon) but for now, let’s get started!!