Leinster House heaters remain off as politicians told to set example on energy saving

Parliamentarians had queried temperature of rooms in government complex

Politicians have been told that the heating in Leinster House will be remain turned off until at least next Monday in a bid to lead by example and reduce energy consumption.

A number of politicians queried the Oireachtas in recent days on the temperature in the complex, as rooms did not appear to have the heating on.

In an email sent by the Oireachtas facilities management unit on Wednesday, politicians were told that the heating would remain off until at least next week and that that it was important leadership was shown.

The email was addressed to all members of the parliamentary community and said “we have had several enquiries about heating in the Leinster House complex”.


“The heating is traditionally turned on on 1st October each year. In view of the government’s climate action targets, the energy crisis and the national effort to reduce energy consumption, and also to offset increases in energy costs, the heat will not be turned on until next Monday at the earliest.”

“It is important that the Oireachtas shows leadership in this relation to the government’s climate action targets and the national effort to reduce consumption.”

Politicians and staff in the building were told the heat would continue to be managed by the facilities unit.

Earlier this month, Cabinet approved measures to cut energy use across the public sector.

Public sector bodies will be required to set temperatures to a guideline 19 degrees where appropriate, to turn off heat in office buildings at least one to two hours before the buildings close and to ensure that there is no non-security/safety lighting in use after 8pm.

According to Government, it is expected that the campaign can deliver 5 to 10 per cent energy savings overall across the sector, and up to 15 per cent in buildings.

The memo was the first in a series of actions expected on energy efficiency, security and supply over the coming weeks.

Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan also said reducing usage during peak hours of between 5pm and 7pm will be important for both households and businesses this winter to ensure the country does not face shortages.

Jennifer Bray

Jennifer Bray

Jennifer Bray is a Political Correspondent with The Irish Times