Irish Times Business Person of the Year: ‘I never really wanted to work for anyone else’

Barry Connolly talks to Ciaran Hancock about his road to success

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Barry Connolly, the man who brought Red Bull and Kopparberg Cider to Ireland was last week named Irish Times Business Person of the Year.

After graduating from UCD with a degree in business, the Dubliner went on to work in advertising and sales at The Sunday Tribune, before moving into the world of entrepreneurship, working alongside a number of successful brands.

“I never really wanted to work for anyone else,” he explains on the latest episode of The Inside Business Podcast.

“Anytime I was working for anyone else, it was just a stepping stone to have my own business,” he continues.


In 2016, he launched Fulfil, a range of protein bars which took the Irish market by storm.

“We thought we might sell 60 thousand cases in the first 12 months, but we actually sold 600 thousand cases,” he said.

Last April, he sold the business for a reported €160 million to family-owned confectionery giant Ferrero.

In this conversation with Ciaran Hancock, he looks back over his career trajectory, explains why Fulfil has become a hit with consumers and shares his top tips for budding entrepreneurs.

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Suzanne Brennan

Suzanne Brennan

Suzanne Brennan is an audio producer at The Irish Times