‘To Our Leaders’


Sir, – The full-page advertisement “To Our Leaders”, purporting to balance “facts” and “fear” concerning the coronavirus pandemic, is economical with the epidemiology (October 15th).

The life-expectancy at birth in Ireland (81.5 years) is compared with the median age of death from Covid-19 (83 years).

The conclusion is drawn that those dying from Covid-19 lived longer than might be expected.

This is not a meaningful comparison.

The relevant comparator for the median age of death from Covid-19 is the median age for all deaths, which is identical at 83 years.

Furthermore, at age 83, life expectancy for males is six years, and for females eight years. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – The full-page advert taken out by Moorezey Holdings showed little regard for the human rights of our older population and was also incorrect in its claims. The overwhelming scientific and medical evidence is that herd immunity does not work and that sheltering will not work when you have widespread community transmission.

A populist view was given a full page in a broadsheet of reputation.

Please desist from publishing such material, even under the guise of an advertisement, – Yours, etc,




Dublin 6.

Sir, – All we have to do is chill out, forget all this pandemic nonsense and get back to business as usual, apparently.

“The few who are vulnerable” are to be exiled from Moorezey’s Holdings Limited’s sunlit uplands, it appears.

But no matter. We are only talking about a million people after all.

It prescribes a grand good shake for our doctors, nurses and hospitals this winter.

The condolences offered to the bereaved in the small print at the end of the ad said it all.

Not everyone can buy a full page in a national newspaper to express their “personal opinion”.

We are nearing a place where money is speech. It would be less galling if the argument was something more sophisticated than survival of the fittest – for as long as I’m fit. – Yours, etc,




Co Donegal.

Sir, – Was it a good idea to publish that ad? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.

Sir, – A virus spreads and multiplies.

If 10 people die in car accidents this month it is likely that on average 10 will die again next month. If 10 people contract and die of Covid-19 then it is likely 100 will soon die if the Government doesn’t act to stop the spread.

I don’t have funds to place full-page adverts in your paper, so I would appreciate the opportunity to have my letter published to appeal to people to follow Government advice. – Yours, etc,