Three words at Christmas


Sir, – Once again as the festive season approaches, the supermarkets vie with each other to see who can sell the cheapest alcohol.

The offers of 24 cans for €20 advertisements flood the radio, TV and the print and social media. Described as great value, they are accompanied by a short three-word piece of advice to “enjoy alcohol responsibly”. Three words that will bring no comfort to the many children whose prospect of a happy Christmas will be shattered as a result of alcohol abuse in their homes. Three words that will bring no comfort to the fathers and mothers waiting the return home of a son or daughter lost to oblivion at some all-night house party, a byproduct of cheap alcohol. Three words that are meaningless to my family as we spend another Christmas without our son David, lost to suicide with alcohol a contributing factor.

Three words that could help to minimise the damage caused by cheap alcohol are  “Minimum Unit Pricing” . Please would the Minister enact the Act now. – Your, etc,


Ballina, Co Mayo.