The vulture charities


Sir, – Further to “Matheson stops using three charities to help clients avoid tax” (Mark Paul, February 2nd), I must say that I am (grimly) amused by the imaginative names that the distinguished Dublin law firm Matheson has selected for the “charities” that it has created for the various vulture funds on their books: Eurydice, Medb and Badb – the first from Greek mythology, the latter two from Irish mythology.

Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, was an unfortunate lady, more sinned against than sinning, whose only fault was to look back when she should have been going forward; Medb and Badb, on the other hand, were both formidable ladies, the former a queen, the latter a war goddess, who had strong predatory instincts and very little pity on their victims.

I note that Matheson, under pressure from recent untoward publicity, is now conducting a review of these entities, with a view to reconstituting them. If they need new names for them, could I tentatively suggest Medusa, Scylla and Charybdis? – Yours, etc,


Regius Professor of Greek


Trinity College Dublin,

Dublin 2.