The race for the Park


Madam, – After 21 years of having a female President, can I assume there’ll be gender quotas in place in the coming presidential election to readdress this imbalance? – Yours, etc,


Ashfield Road, Dublin 6.

Madam, – Maybe if David Norris had spent the last 35 years involved in elections where everyone gets to vote, he would be better suited to defend himself against political opponents raised on rubber chicken, daily funerals and freezing cold church gate collections. – Yours, etc,


Collins Avenue, Dublin 9.

Madam, – Once again the homophile bullies/thought police seek to intimidate those who dare to dissent from the media-driven campaign to foist David Norris on an unsuspecting public.

The journalist, Helen Lucy Burke is a very brave woman indeed to remind us of some of the ideological baggage attaching to the Senator. The response is the usual attempt at intimidation and name-calling by the homosexual lobby and their media acolytes. The vacuous mantra “homophobic” is the usual starting point for the attack.

For fellow journalists to try to invoke some kind of statute of limitations in bringing up embarrassing interviews from the past, just won’t wash. By this reasoning the late Brian Lenihan’s presidential bid should not have been derailed by a journalist revealing a past misdemeanour. The attempt also to create a conspiracy theory and confer martyr status on David Norris is wild and exaggerated sensationalism.

Ms Burke has done the journalistic profession some considerable service by bringing these character flaws to the attention of the public. The most worrying aspect of the story is the agenda-driven attempt at censorship by many of her colleagues in the Fourth Estate. – Yours, etc,


Balreask Village,

Navan, Co Meath.

Madam, – The person we elect to become President of Ireland must fulfil three criteria: to be of good character; to speak well when representing or consoling us; and to allow us make a statement to ourselves and the world about who we are. With Mary Robinson we stated men and women are equal. With Mary McAleese we acknowledged we are a 32-county nation. With David Norris as candidate we show we are tolerant and inclusive with our lesbian and gay friends. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we may be down but some of us are looking up at the stars. – Yours, etc,


St James’s Court,

Ennis Road, Limerick.

Madam, – I thought that Senator David Norris’s much-decried remarks of 2002 were well within the bounds of permitted – indeed necessary – free speech. Since his views on everything are totally out in the open, it is ridiculous to ascribe to him an evil hidden agenda. I hope our politicians will have the courage to resist the “politics of personal destruction” that has done so much harm in the US. – Yours, etc,


Professor of English Literature,

Dept of English Literature,

Sophia University,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Madam, – I was excited to learn recently that Mary Davis is seeking nomination for the Presidential election.  As she is a family friend, I know of her tireless commitment as a volunteer and activist which preceded her becoming a public figure through her ground-breaking work on the World Special Olympics Games in Ireland in 2003.  Her work for the Special Olympics is a great example of building up and leading a vibrant community-based movement from local volunteer effort. I believe that committed local community organisers such as Ms Davis are the backbone of all that is good about Irish society today and therefore she would be a great representative of Ireland through the Presidency.  – Yours, etc,


(Volunteer activist),

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.