The legacy of Michael Collins


Sir, – So Enda Kenny is refusing to allow a temporary financial “straitjacket . . . damage what will be a magnificent future for our country, our people and our children’s children” (Home News, August 20th).

While looking towards that wonderful future, he might pause with his ministers to look at the country, its people and children at the moment. National and secondary schools with insufficient funds to operate, health services restricted and cut, parents of these future children unemployed, businesses without access to loans. On the other hand, banks have been bailed out and recapitalised, taxes are increased and property charges of every nature are being imposed.

In addition, the Taoiseach and his ministers are incapable of thinking – so busy are they with this wonderful future – to consider the plight of mortgage holders and those unfortunate enough to face losing their homes.

I would like to think that Michael Collins would shudder at the vision that the Taoiseach and the Government have for this country.

Look around you and see – then look to the future. – Yours, etc,


Moore Park,


Co Kildare.