The housing crisis


Sir, – I see that “The Nevin Economic Research Institute has called for the establishment of a new semi-State housing company to supply the market with more affordable rental accommodation” (“Calls for new state company to supply rental housing”, Business, March 24th).

Isn’t it interesting how history repeats itself? In the late 19th century the same need for affordable housing arose in Dublin and was decisively acted upon by local business interests and land owners.

The Dublin Artisan Dwelling Company was set up in 1876 by, among others, Lady Brabazon (of the Earls of Meath family) and Arthur Edward Guinness to build affordable housing for the working classes in the Liberties and across the Liffey in the Manor Street area.

This initiative was followed swiftly by the founding of the Guinness (later Iveagh) Trust in 1890 by Edward Cecil Guinness, brother of Arthur Edward, to build affordable apartments in the shadow of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

However, in the present time, I wonder how many local business people and land owners would be prepared to follow the example set by those long-departed enterprising people. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.