Sir, - Remember when travel in Europe was a delight because of the diversity of experience it provided? Turning every corner was an adventure. Nowadays there is a depressing familiarity everywhere. Supermarket shelves are filled with brands you know from home. The music on the cafe jukebox is the same in Florence as it was in Stockholm.

At home, standardisation of everything from currency to the packaging of duck eggs that is part of our Europeanisation is disquieting enough, God knows, but the news that Rupert Murdoch now controls three of every four television screens worldwide is nothing short of terrifying. We are in danger not only of losing our identity but of surrendering it to the most despicable of influences.

All praise, then, to one shining light in our media darkness. T na G continues to charm. It has swept away the cloth capped, horny handed son of toil image that encumbered the beautiful language for so long.

But it is more important than that and its importance is not to be measured in fiscal terms or in profitability. It is an essential life line to the maintenance of some kind of individuality. - Yours, etc.,


Co Wicklow.