Terror attack on London


Sir, – The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland Condemns the barbaric attacks that took place on Saturday in London in the strongest terms. The harming of innocent people can never be justified under any circumstances and so all forms of terrorism and extremism must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the people of London and all those affected. – Yours, etc,


Press Secretary,


Muslim Association,


Sir, – Many politicians and commentators have claimed that the men who carried out the atrocities in London and Manchester are attacking “our way of life”. Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan made this exact point on RTÉ about the latest horrific terror attack in London as did British prime minister Teresa May.

One wonders when politicians might just start to link the terror attacks with the wars that western governments have perpetrated, or helped to perpetrate in the case of the Irish Government, on the people of the Middle East and beyond and thus begin to untangle the seemingly perpetual violent cycle of war and terror.

We should hope for this while also expressing our condemnation of such attacks and showing our solidarity equally with the victims and loved ones of war and terror in Kabul or London, Mosul or Manchester, Cairo or Berlin, Baghdad or Paris, Raqqa or Nice, and Idlib or Istanbul. – Yours, etc,


Irish Anti-War Movement,

PO Box 9260,

Dublin 1.