Sir, - Your report on the SIPTU strike at TCD (May 11th) states that our claim is "for improved pensions". The fact is that in Trinity College, 210 permanent part time workers can work as many as 34 hours a week for 40 years but will get no pension rights whatever. Five years ago we lodged a claim for these workers to have pro rata pension rights with full time staff. After strike action in 1994 TCD agreed to go with us to the Labour Court on this claim.

Before the Labour Court hearing in 1994 the HEA and Trinity College radically cut the pension entitlements of our full time weekly paid. They decided to. "co ordinate" the future pension credits of the lower paid staff with social welfare benefits. Trinity College pensions are being reduced by the amount of the social welfare retirement benefit. A worker starting out will lose the full £72.80 per week. A worker with half of the required years to serve will lose £36.40 per week. On average, 220 workers are threatened with pension cuts of £36 per week in their old age.

it was this action by the HEA and Trinity College to reduce promised pension entitlements that has provoked the current industrial action. - Yours, etc.,

President of SIPTU in TCD, Trinity College,

Dublin 2.