Shopping etiquette


A chara, – Mark O’Hagan’s letter (October 19th) regarding “customer etiquette” while retail shopping is timely and important. Especially when we consider the pressure retail staff have been under these past months. However, I rather think the term “etiquette” has gone, like so many other terms of decent behaviour, the way of the Dodo. – Yours, etc,




Co Cavan.

Sir, – On the subject of shopping and customer etiquette, Mark O’Hagan writes of the “horrible habit of throwing money on the counter instead of handing it directly to the person at the till”. As a shopper I confess to having experienced the reverse of this on many occasions with the person at the till throwing the money on the counter instead of handing me my change. I’m wondering should a customer who experiences such service take it personally? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.