Sharing the road

Sir, – Rita Moore (July 9th) was obviously exercised enough at the sight of a cyclist using his mobile phone that she wrote to your newspaper. Her point is, indeed, valid. Might I suggest that if she chose to write to the editor each time she saw a motorist engaging in such a hapless preoccupation, perhaps An Post would not be closing their letter-sorting depots. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.


Sir, – Rita Moore relates an incident of a cyclist texting on his phone and wonders whose fault it would have been if her car had “clipped” the cyclist while she overtook him.

Because a car is like a stick of dynamite, in that it is capable of killing everyone in the immediate vicinity at any moment, a car driver should proceed with the same care as someone carrying a load of high explosives through the streets.

In any collision between a car and a bicycle, the car is the lethal factor, and therefore the onus to avoid a collision is always greater on the car driver, whether or not a cyclist or pedestrian is being attentive. I am disappointed that this message has still not penetrated the consciousness of the car-driving public. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.