Sexual consent among Irish students

Sir, – The recent NUIG study on sexual consent among Irish students (“Majority of students do not think 12 pints makes a person unable to give consent”, August 7th) certainly paints a depressing picture, for which some kind of response is warranted.

That latest American import, the mandatory “consent course” for all students, has been mooted as a solution by some. This is not feasible, as it confers on the universities a role of moral guardianship.

In a modern secular republic, this would be a new departure (although it would be standard practice in countries such as Saudi Arabia).

Even allowing for the possibility that Irish universities should be the moral guardian of the country’s youth, in light of the recent financial scandals emanating from some Irish universities, it is a role for which our universities are singularly ill equipped. – Yours, etc,



Bray, Co Wicklow.