Seagrass and seaweed


Sir, – Further to “Decline of carbon-capturing seagrass concerning, says Coastwatch Ireland” (News, October 10th), while some marine plant and animal species appear to be declining as a result of climate change, others are flourishing.

Green, brown and red seaweeds all carry out photosynthesis and so capture carbon.

These species have now become super-abundant at many places we have dived around the Irish coast and act as a carbon sink.

Along with other scuba diving clubs, we are part of a citizen-science survey called Adopt A Site, where a club records marine wildlife at a chosen site. This has been in place now for three years.

If we could share knowledge between all interested groups then there would be better understanding of what is happening due to increasing water temperature and of how best to preserve our marine heritage. – Yours, etc,





Scuba Diving Club ,


Co Wicklow.