Ryanair – waiting for refunds


A chara, – I have listened to representatives of Ryanair on the radio at intervals over the past few months, stating that the majority of people who sought refunds have received them already. In the last week, Michael O’Leary said only those who had booked tickets through strange or quirky websites had not received a refund.

In a poll of my siblings, there remains three of us who have not received the requested refund after many months for tickets that were all booked through the Ryanair website.

Ryanair has my details because it asked me a few times, via email, to accept a voucher, and I said no. It asked again. No again. Last week I received another email asking me to use the voucher to book a flight with it, but if I want to have a refund, I have to apply again.

How many times does it have to be told and how many more people are being treated the same way? More than time to pay up, Ryanair! – Is mise,



Co Kildare.