Repercussions of Jobstown trial

A chara, – The duplicity of Fine Gael is apparently boundless and is highlighted by its two-fold reaction to the verdict in the Jobstown trial.

On the one hand we have Damien English on the Week in Politics claiming that the matter is over and that in calling for an inquiry, Solidarity is merely attempting to prolong the issue.

Simultaneously we have Mr English’s party colleague, Josepha Madigan, speaking about changes to the law in the wake of what she feels were unacceptable social media messages during the trial.

It would seem that Fine Gael wants to silence those who were put through a criminal trial and found to be innocent, while using that trial to advance publicly its own agenda of stifling free expression on social media.– Is mise,




Dublin 12.

Sir, – Ordinary people know right from wrong. And they know that two terrified women being pinned into a car for three hours by an aggressive and insulting mob is not peaceful protest. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.