Raising the State pension age


A chara, – In 1950, the life expectancy in Ireland was 65 years. Now in 2021, this is 82 years. Thus the average person will have 16 years leisure if retiring at 66. This is a luxury no country can afford. People are healthier now at 66, and capable of working and contributing to society instead of fattening at home and in cafes.

For a lot of people, retirement is a death sentence as they flop around with nothing to do.

The Government must take a lead and encourage those who will benefit from working on until 67 or 68. The national attitude must evolve to seeing work as a healthy activity.

Raising the State pension age will assist in this positive thinking. Political parties which advocate no change are appealing to our worst instincts and will cost us billions which we cannot afford, along with the healthcare costs for these fattening pensioners. – Is mise,



Dublin 6.