Public service holiday closures


Madam, - With the imminent arrival of the Easter holiday, I wonder how many citizens have noticed the coy and cunning manner in which various elements in the public service have taken to notifying us of their holiday closure arrangements. For example, a typical notice might read: "Closed from Thursday 17th April to Tuesday 22nd April" in clear, large print, followed (in very small print) by "inclusive", or "both dates inclusive".

To me, this is downright misleading and duplicitous since in the example given, they will obviously be closed from close of business on Wednesday 16th to opening time on Wednesday, 23rd April, or two days more than would appear at first glance. They get away with this because the vast majority of people do not read the small print and simply jump to the first conclusion that the message suggests.

I am not suggesting that public servants are taking time off that they're not entitled to, but why do they have to pretend the offices/premises are open longer than they really are? - Yours, etc.,


Dublin 1.