Presbyterian Church in Ireland


Sir, – Further to “Presbyterian Church says same-sex couples can no longer be full members” (News, June 9th), since the catholicity of the visible church is a specific affirmation of the Westminster Confession, among more ancient credal formulae, members of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland must view with alarm the loosening of bonds with our elder sister, the Church of Scotland. (As the daughter of a Church of Scotland minister, I am perhaps especially sensitive to recent developments but am comforted to know from reports of the debate in the General Assembly that I am not alone in my reaction.)

In matters of church discipline and proceeding, over the zeal for purism lowers St Augustine’s thunderclap against the Donatists: “While the clouds on high sonorously proclaim throughout the world the building of God’s house, the frogs croak from their marsh: ‘We are the only Christians.’” – Yours, etc,


Rathgar,Dublin 16.