Praise for students

Sir, – While our educational institutions have been physically closed to students, teaching and learning have continued to take place online. All this in the context of students having to rapidly adapt to checking emails, completing classwork without peers, preparing for State exams (or not), missing out on group sports, not being able to socialise with peers in person, having to defer certain rites such as confirmations, graduations, and even missing out on attending parties! Thank you to our nation’s students who have been patient and positive, and who continue to be so supportive to the wider community during this time. – Yours, etc,


Corbally, Limerick.

Sir, – Those of us who still bear the scars of the Leaving Cert now realise that there is something worse than doing the Leaving Cert, and that is not doing the Leaving Cert. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 24.