Sir, - I regret to say that in spite of or maybe because of the small amount of correspondence regarding the proposed demolition of Portarlington ESB generating station work on the destruction of this important part of our nation's heritage has recently commenced.

Despite promises made to a meeting last June that the future of these irreplaceable structures would be considered further by the ESB the bulldozers have already started their senseless devastation of this fine example of industrial architecture. Does nobody care about our modern history or have those who protested over the demolition of our older buildings fought in vain to see our country's industrial history destroyed and used as rubble?

I would urge the people of the Midlands in particular and the rest of the country in general to help and protect this fine structure before it is too late. Unfortunately the ESB is not prepared to live up to its promises and time is passing by very quickly. Please help preserve our past, whether it is 5,000 or 50 years old. For future generations this will all be ancient history, just like Hume Street, Frescati House and Wood Quay. - Yours, etc.,

Treascon Lodge,

Portarlington, Co. Offaly.