Planning for a united Ireland


Sir, – Christopher Kissane’s article “Time to start planning for a united Ireland” (Opinion & Analysis, May 1st) will be welcomed by many readers but it contains no practical suggestions, other than benign platitudes. It brings us no nearer to answering the irreducible question, ie how to accommodate the unionist wish to preserve British allegiance and identity, not Protestant rights within a united Ireland – an irrelevant anti-partitionist red herring. Incidentally, the East German analogy, which the Taoiseach is fond of quoting, also does not apply. There was no substantial East German community opposed to German reunification. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – The idea introduced to the Brexit debate of a united Ireland by Enda Kenny is pie in the sky.

It will appeal to Northern Nationalists but ignores the real and critical issue of our economy after Brexit. Unless we get concessions from Brussels to enable arrangements with border, travel and trade with the UK to continue as at present from day one of actual Brexit, our economy will face ruin. That will be followed by severe austerity and all of us will pay a terrible price.

It was a nice gesture by the Taoiseach but he must get real and deal with saving us from an economic disaster. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.