Outdoor dining spaces


Sir, – Una Mullally’s lamentation regarding the lack of public spaces for outdoor dining and congregating in Dublin is heartfelt and worthy (“Why is Dublin being starved of outdoor dining spaces?”, Opinion & Analysis, September 21st).

However, apart from ongoing lack of facilitation and innovation in this regard by Dublin City Council, there is one other very obvious impediment to her vision of joyful boulevards and pavements thronged with continental-style cafes and eateries.

Has she not noticed that it hardly stopped raining all summer, not to mention the occasional violent storm? – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.

Sir, – I have often wondered if the powers that be in Dublin City Council actually like Dublin. Based on Una Mullally’s article, I think it’s fairly clear that they don’t. – Yours, etc,


East Wall,

Dublin 3.